Premier Rowing
season 2

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Crossfit Rowing Machines

Season 1 was fun.

Season 2 will be epic.

6 Teams.


8 weeks.


1 League Champion.

6 Teams.

On each team:

4 Junior Women + 4 Junior Men

4 Open Women + 4 Open Men

2 Masters Women + 2 Masters Men

up to 6 spare athletes

Teams are picked via the league draft on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

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Every week teams race one other team to compete for points. [See season schedule here]

Teams have 20 athletes complete the race every week.

4 Junior Women, 4 Junior Men, 4 Open Women, 4 Open Men, 2 Masters Women, 2 Masters Men

It is up to the coach to strategically order the athletes to win points.

For example:

Week 1: 3x1:00m; 1m rest.  Each 1:00m race is worth 1 point.  60 total points available.

2021 change:  

World Record Times are +3 bonus points.

American Record Times are +1 bonus points.

New for 2022

This year, the Premier Rowing League will feature a draft to determine team rosters.

Participating in the Premier Rowing League is easy!

STEP 1 - All athletes must fill out application by Monday, Dec 13 @ midnight PST, see link below

STEP 2 - Wait until Wednesday, December 15 to be drafted.

It is that easy.

Some things to note:


- Applications for the draft close Monday, December 13 @ midnight PST

- ​On Tuesday, December 14, list of athletes will be provided to coaches to review.

- Draft order will be determined and announced via Instagram and the league website on December 13.

- ​Draft order happens in snake order​ - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.

Draft will happen on Wed, Dec 15 live on YouTube 

If you are not drafted-

You are still eligible for the Waiver Wire Draft that will happen after the completion of week 4.


the League

Premier Rowing League is about defining the BEST rowers in the world.

On the water rowers.

Indoor Rowers.


We want them all.

Men and Women competing together, divided up in three divisions, working to win points, and a league championship!

The Premier Rowing League has no defined rowing times or distances.


Each week the distance, time, and number of races changes.  

There are no age or gender handicaps.

A departure from traditional rowing- 

Premier Rowing provides weekly, head to head matchups against other opponents to earn points in the standings.

The standings will reflect total points earned, by all three divisions totaled together.

At the end of the regular season, the top teams will face off in the playoffs, and will feature best of our league, facing off to be crowned league champion.



The League is based in Baltimore, Maryland
To contact the league, please email league@premierrowingleague.com

Thanks for submitting!


Our Team.


Alex + Zach

Why these two haven't been hired by ESPN is beyond our comprehension.

Live commentary cant be done without them.

IMG_8441 2_heic.png


Off in a booth somewhere, CJ presses a series of buttons to keep this league going.



The Commish.

Mike keeps everyone in line.  No cheating the system with Mike involved.  All league questions, concerns, and tough decisions go through Mike.

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The Premier Rowing League is a Rowers Choice Company