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Premier League Rowing - ​

The mission of Premier League Rowing is a league dedicated to find the fastest rowers in the world.

League Goals

  • Determine the fastest rowers in the world.

  • Promote and develop rowers to be competitive in a fair and inclusive environment.

League Rules

1.00 - Objectives of Premier League Rowing

1.01 - Premier League Rowing is a game between two teams, made up of athletes, under the direction of a manager.

1.02 - The objective of each team is to win races that earn points for the standings.  

1.03 - An on the erg race is won when either the pre-determined time is completed faster or by who covers the greater distance is pre-determined time.

2.00 - Roster and Eligibility

2.01 - Each team is made up of athletes who have signed up and are drafted.

2.02 – To be drafted, Athlete must apply through the Premier Rowing League website before the deadline

2.03 - Roster published on the league website.

2.04 - Roster should consist of:

- 4 Youth women [must be enrolled in High School]
- 4 Youth men [must be enrolled in High School]
- 4 Open men [19+; not in high school]
- 4 Open women [19+; not in high school]
- 2 Masters men (40+, must be 40 on or before Jan 1, 2022.)
- 2 Masters women (40+, must be 40 on or before Jan 1, 2022.)
- 6 Spares. [Can be any combination of Youth, Open, and Masters]

2.05 - Location of Athletes - League athletes may reside anywhere in the world.

3.00 – League Draft [New for 2022]

3.01 - Athlete Sign ups - Must be registered by Monday, Dec 13 @ midnight EST

3.02 - Tuesday, December 14, list of athletes will be provided to coaches to review.

3.03 - Draft order will be randomly determined and announced on December 13.

3.04 - Draft order happens in snake order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 

3.05 - Draft will happen on Wed, Dec 15 live on YouTube 

- All 6 coaches + Alex, Zach, and Mike will be on Zoom. 

- Coaches are not allowed to talk during the draft [muted].

​3.06 - Timing for picks - Teams will have 30 seconds to make each pick.

- Time starts immediately following previous pick

- Picks made by coaches texting in pick to Alex and CJ

- If pick isn’t made in time- next highest ranking rower is assigned.

3.07 - Final rosters published, Thursday, Dec 16.

4.00 - Trades​ [New for 2022]

4.01 - Players can be traded thru 9pm EST on Jan 27th.

4.02 - All trades must be approved by Alex, CJ, Mike vote


5.00 – Drops and Free Agent Draft [New for 2022]

5.01 - Athletes who are not drafted are eligible Free Agent Draft.

5.02 - Athletes must fill out application by January 30, 2022.  If athlete filled out application before the draft, there is no need to re-apply.

5.04 – Manager may drop athlete through January 27, 2022.  However, you may not add any addition athletes until Free Agent draft on January 31, 2022.

5.03 - Free agent draft on January 31. Can add up to 6 additional athletes.

5.04 - Draft order is based on points as on Week 4. Lowest point total drafts first

- 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

5.05 – Teams and Managers do not have to draft during Free Agent Draft

6.00 - Races

6.01 - Regular season race distances are published at the beginning of the season.  

6.02 - Playoff races distances will be announced the Monday morning of each week of playoffs.

6.03 - Roster Announcement - Coaches have until Monday at Noon EST to submit their race lineup to the league.  Once the head coach has submit the roster, it cannot be changed for that week.  If athlete does not complete race, it is considered a forfeit.​

6.04 - The league will publish roster and matchups Monday at 5pm EST. 

6.05 - Weekly Injuries - Coaches can make substitution to roster after Monday if athlete is injured, however that athlete will be required to sit out following week as well.

​7.00 - Playing the game

7.01 - Equipment - Concept2 Rowing Machines only

7.02 - Sliders - SLIDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED in competition

7.03 - To play the game, Athletes must be listed on the Monday roster announcement.

- If athlete completes the race but is not on roster, it will not be counted.

- If listed athlete does not complete piece, it is considered a forfeited race.​

7.04 - Live Stream Racing - If athlete is part of the weekly live games, they will work with RowersChoice to connect their phone, computer or iPad [or similar device] to be able to live stream the race.  

7.05 - Non Live Stream Racing - Athletes must use phone, phone, computer or iPad [or similar device] to record race piece[s].

- League commishiner can request proof of completed race video

​7.06 - Multi Piece Races - Multi Piece races must be completed in succession, following predetermined distance and rest.  Failure to complete races following rules, will be considered a forfeit.


8.00 - Completion of race - 


8.02 - At the completion of each race, athlete should photograph monitor, showing final distance and time.  

8.03 - Following completion of non-live/recorded races, Coaches [not the athletes] should email video or link of video to as part of verification process.  Sharing google drive link seems to be best option.

9.00 - Scoring and Standings - 

9.01 - Scoring of races occurs by winning points assigned to pieces.  

9.02 - BONUS POINTS - [New for 2022]

- American Records will be awarded +1 points to the teams total score for that specific race.

- American Records can be broken by international rowers.  Concept2 will not recognize, but we will allow points to count.

- World Records will be awarded +3 points for the total score for that specific race.

9.03 - Standings will be updated each Friday by 5:00pm PST.

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