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Free Agent / Waiver Add Rules

- All waiver adds must be on free agent list.  Any one can join the free agent / waiver wire list until the playoffs.  

Know someone that you want or wants to join? Sign up Link - Click Here

- Free agent list will be on and will be updated weekly.

Managers must submit “waiver claim” to Mike Wallin and CJ every Tuesday by Noon.

Only 1 add from the Wavier Wire per week.  

- You don’t have to cut anyone AND you dont have to pick up a free agent.

- If two people claim the same person:

Week 1: it’s reverse draft order for the 2 free picks. 6>>1.

Week 2-5: waiver order will be low to high point total from previous week.

- Waiver adds announced every Tuesday.

Waiver Wire Order following Week 3 Results
1. Southwest Armada [13 points]
2. Northwest Kodaiks [25 points]
3. Northeast Founders [25 points]
4. Midwest Frozen Tundra [34
5. Southeast Storm [35 points]
6. Big South Outlaws [51 points]
*waiver wire is ordered based off previous week scores and margin of defeat.
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